Be a Master Video Poker Connoisseur

Become a pro video poker connoisseur…

You should want to get the absolute maximum out of every video poker game play.

The first thing you need to know is the best card in the deck is not the ace, assuming there are no wild cards.

The best card is the lowest card that will make a winning pair – a jack in the Jacks-or-Better game or a ten in the Tens-or-Better game.

The reason is simply that the lower cards have more possible straights they can participate in.

And, of course, a pair of aces pays no more than a pair of jacks.

Failure to realize this leads to a very common error.

Many players guess that if they have an ace-high hand with two other high cards all of different suits, the best play is to save only two of the three cards.

However, they incorrectly save the two highest cards.

The best play is to save the two lowest cards, as there is a greater chance of drawing a straight.

The old saying “Never draw to an inside straight” can also mislead a video poker player.

In Deuces Wild, you always draw to an inside straight in preference to drawing five cards.

And in Jack-or-Better, there are certain inside straight hands, three or more high cards where drawing to an inside straight is often the best play.

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Calculations For Video Poker

There are 52 cards in a deck and 2.598.960 possible five-card poker hands.

But because neither the order of the cards nor the suite is important in poker…

For example, an K – Q – J – 7 – 7 of diamonds is the exact equivalent of K – Q – J – 7 – 7 of spades…

The possible unique hands comes down to 134.459.

  1. There are 32 possible ways to play any dealt five-card hand.
  2. You can hold all five cards.
  3. Hold four cards and draw one. There are five possible one-card discard.
  4. Hold three cards and draw two. There are ten possible two-card discard.
  5. Hold two cards and draw three. There are ten possible three-card discard.
  6. Hold one card and draw four. There are five possible ways to hold just one card.
  7. Discard all five cards.
  8. If you add all of these combinations together, the total comes to 32 different possible strategies for your poker hand. To optimize the best possible strategies in video poker, you will need to practise.

One of the great places to practice, play some of the best online video poker games is…. (and yes it’s recommended 🙂 )

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