Multi-Hand Double Barrel Video Poker

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Today I want to take you on quick tour on the Double Barrel video poker game, in the end of this article I got a nice video of this video poker game play!

Double Barrel poker is all time favorite video poker game, it brings in the classic poker into the web with awesome game playing and huge payouts.

The basics of this video poker game are the following…

You can play up to fifty hands at a time on this popular video poker game type.

In Double Barrel you get huge pay amounts for four-of-a-kinds, especially if you get the four aces, four two’s, tree’s and four’s.

Take a look at the payout table to get a more clear view of what I’m talking about:

Multi-Hand Double Barrel Video Poker

Multi-Hand Double Barrel Video Poker

Has you can see, this video poker game has a delicious prize table.

I almost forgot to mention that on top of this great video poker game prize table, there is also a bonus feature that let’s you double your prize money!

If you like playing poker as much as I do, then Double Barrel is a video poker game for you to keep in mind!

I’m being serious here, so I you leave you with a cool video of the Double Barrel game play, so that you can see why I love this video poker game!

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