Play Blackjack Online In New Ways

Today I bring you something that shows that online gambling is always innovating, and trying to bring you the best experience possible in the gambling realm. So here it is…

Introducing Oddsmaker Super Sides Blackjack with all the new fantastic features that people were asking for:

  • Play 1 to 5 hands at a time.
  • Regular or Premium bet limits.
  • Single deck or 6-deck.
  • Improved game play and game speed.

In an effort to encourage gamblers to play Blackjack and improve theirs winnings, OddsMaker Online Casino has added side bets to their Blackjack Tables.

Bets require a small wager and generally pay off greater then the customary even-money Blackjack payoffs.

Five of the most favorite high-playing site bets listed and explained below, this take Online Blackjack to an all other level…. 🙂 and best part is that you can play all, some or none on every Blackjack Hand

Cash Queens:

As all Blackjack players know, 20 is a great hand, but it doesn’t always win.

With Cash Queens, your 20’s hands always pay at least 3-1.

Suited 20’s pay 6-1, ranked 20s (a pair of Kings, Jack or 10’s) pay 9-1 and a pair of Queens pays 25-1.

Get dealt a pair of Queens when the dealer has Blackjack and you’ll be paid 500-1!

Just place a bet on the Cash Queens circle and never lose on a 20 again!

Mega Match:

Mega Match is a simple bonus bet for Blackjack that pays you up to 200-1, depending on the first two cards of your hand.

If your first two cards are a suited King and Queen (a Mega Match), you win 40-1!

If you have a Mega Match and the dealer also has a Mega Match, you win 200-1!

Playing Mega Match has no effect on your normal Blackjack strategy and pays whether or not you win your hand.

Blackjack Attack:

Tired of being paid only 3-2 or even 6-5 on your Blackjack?

What about when you get a Blackjack and end up pushing the hand?

Finally Oddsmaker Casino found a way to guarantee you a big payout each and every time you get a Blackjack.

Just bet the Blackjack Attack circle and every Blackjack you’re dealt pays 17-1, regardless of that the dealer has!

Pair Play:

Pair Play is a new and simple bonus bet for Blackjack.

If your first two cards are a pair, you win 11-1!

It doesn’t matter if you split your pair or double down, you still get paid.

In fact, the Pair Play bet has no effect on your regular Blackjack strategy whatsoever.

Just place your bet on the Pair Play circle and experience Blackjack in a whole new higher-playing way!

Crazy Sevens:

If a player hopes for a lot of 7s, then the more the merrier.

If his first card is a 7, it pays 3 to 1.

If his first two cards are 7s, the payoff depends on whether they are suited (100 to 1) or unsuited (30 to 1).

Draw a third 7 and it really gets interesting.

If the first three cards are unsuited 7s, the payoff is 400 to 1, and if suited, the top payoff is a whooping 2,000 to 1!

Spice up your Blackjack Game today with Crazy Sevens!

Remember that playing Blackjack with the possibility of these type of betting can only be found in the Online Casino OddsMaker.

Oh amost forgot to tell you that once a player signs up with OddsMaker Casino, they automatically receive a FREE $100 in their account with No Deposit Required.  Enjoy and have fun….

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