Playing Red Dog Online Tips And Tricks

With roots in America’s old West, Red Dog is a game of chance that lets you sink your teeth into some big prizes.
Red Dog Online let’s you have tons of fun, while wining cool cash prizes!!

Red Dog Vegas Casino Online

Red Dog Vegas Casino Online

So what is Red Dog game??
How do you play it??? It’s a fairly simple card game to learn and play…

In Red Dog, you are dealt two cards, face up.
You decide if the next card you draw will rank between the first two cards.
Feeling wary? Continue without raising your bet.
But, if you think you can take on the big dog, go ahead and raise!

Special payouts are awarded depending on the spread between the first two cards – the smaller the spread, the bigger the payout!!!

As you can read above Red Dog is a simple and fun card game, that can let you make a lot of money in the process!!!

There not much else to say, apart from telling you that the best place to play Red Dog Online is in the Vegas Online Casino!!!!
Oh and let me just say that Vegas Online Casino has a initial 125% Initial Deposit Bonus!!!!

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